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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

e.l.f. Haul

Ughh the holiday rush is over :( Now its back to gloomy cold weather and nothing to look forward to.

Wow that was depressing. Sorry.

So last week I received my order from e.l.f. It wasn't a big haul, mostly brushes:

Complete e.l.f. haul

I got the Total Face Brush, Bronzing Brush, and Brightening Eye Color from the Essentials collection; the Powder Brush, Angled Blush Brush, and Mineral Booster from the Mineral collection; and the Stipple Brush and Blush Brush from the Studio collection.

I only tried out the Total Face Brush and Bronzing Brush so far, which is why they aren't in their packaging.

Here are the individual items:

e.l.f. Total Face Brush (left) and Bronzing Brush (right)

e.l.f. Powder Brush (left) and Angled Blush Brush (right)

e.l.f. Stipple Brush (left) and Blush Brush (right)
I put the Studio brushes on a white background because they blended into the black background. Unfortunately, the white bristles of the Stipple Brush disappeared into the white background, so I took a closeup of the bristles on a black background. Sorry about the blurriness.

e.l.f. Stipple Brush bristles close up

Continuing on to the rest of the haul:

e.l.f. Mineral Booster with packaging

e.l.f. Brightening Eye Color

Other than the Brightening Eye Color (obviously), I have taken the products out of their packaging to look closer at them.

In the past I have only tried the Studio Brushes from e.l.f. (which I absolutely LOVE!! :D), so this time I decided to try the brushes from e.l.f.'s two other collections, as well as add a few more Studio brushes to my collection.

The Essentials brushes are HORRIBLE!! The bristles are scratchy, rough, and hard. The Bronzing Brush (which, on e.l.f.'s website, is actually called the Blushing, Bronzing, and Blending Brush, but on the actual brush it only says Bronzing Brush) did blend sort of well, but it was so rough I didn't want to use it again. The Total Face Brush was even worse than the Bronzing Brush. The website says:

Soft, caressing bristles allow for soothing application of facial and bronzing powder. Great for quick full-face touchups.

OK seriously? "Soft, caressing bristles"?? "Soothing application"?? I already talked about the bristles, but in addition, the Total Face Brush did not blend well, causing uneven powder application, and a lot of the product did not even transfer from the brush to my face. This might be because of the horrible bristles, which, again, were so scratchy and rough that it felt like I was using a cactus on my face!

I was sort of already expecting the bad quality of the Essentials brushes, as they are only $1. I am glad that I tried these out, though; the mixed reviews on e.l.f.'s website made me curious. Also, again, they're just a buck, so what's the harm?

The Mineral brushes are really soft, just like the Studio brushes. The Mineral brushes are 100% cruelty free and are made with recycled ferrules and natural bamboo handles, but I don't see the difference in quality that makes the Mineral brushes $2 more than the Studio brushes. Not that the price difference really matters, seeing as how the prices of all e.l.f. products are all SO low :D!! Maybe I'll be able to see a difference when I actually use the brushes.

Reviews to come!

Have you bought anything from e.l.f. lately? Do you like their brushes?

e.l.f. products are available online at and at select Target stores.

Little thing to smile for today: e.l.f.'s great prices!
<3 Ruthe


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