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Monday, December 20, 2010

Old Zoya Manicure

So this post is about the nail polish that I have had on since last Tuesday (12/14). Zoya Indigo is a very pretty, very dark indigo blue (duh). This is the first Zoya polish that I have tried.

Here are some pictures. Again, I have had this on for 6 days, so expect tip wear and scratches...

Zoya Indigo, natural light, no flash

Zoya Indigo, natural light, flash

Zoya Indigo, artificial light

Zoya Indigo, artificial light, flash

Sorry about the crappy pictures. My camera is ridiculously difficult. And sorry about the crappy nails/cuticles/manicure overall. That's my fault :( I'll try harder next time :)

Zoya Indigo is pretty, but it isn't a very unique color. It is darker than the pictures make it look. The first and third pictures are pretty accurate (both bottle and nails). On the nail, Indigo is a very very dark almost-black blue. Actually if you don't look closely, it just looks black.

Application-wise, Indigo was very nice. Opaque in three coats, even though I only did two.

For six days, the wear on my nails was amazingly minimal. This is the best that any nail polish has ever lasted! Now you have to understand, I am very hard on my hands and nails. My nail polish starts to chip and show wear after the first day. The amazing wear might have been because of the formula of Zoya polishes (as mentioned, I've never tried any before) but it may have been because I actually wrapped my tips this time when I did my nails. Here is a great tutorial on how wrap your tips: 

I have one main problem with this nail polish: the glitter. See that pretty glitter in the bottle? Do you see the glitter on my nails? NO.

Zoya's website describes Indigo as:
A dark indigo blue shimmer with a pinch of holographic microglitter. A dramatic polish that resembles the night sky.

When my friend showed me Zoya Indigo while we were shopping (thanks NM!) the first thing I thought (after "OMG it's so pretty!) was that it looked like the night sky with a bunch of stars. Well, I got the night sky. Not the stars.

Overall, Zoya Indigo is a pretty good nail polish. Smooth application, amazing wear, and pretty color, but I was disappointed by the lack of glitter (*cry*). I would skip this and buy a better dark indigo with ACTUAL glitter.

Regardless of the disappointing "unglitteryness" of Zoya Indigo, it has been a good introduction to Zoya polishes and has sparked my newfound love for Zoya.

What do you think about Zoya nail polishes? Have you tried them? Does Zoya last long on your nails?

Zoya nail polishes are available online for $7 at and in select stores.

Little thing to smile for today: Zoya's great formula
<3 Ruthe

(P.S. Another thing I forgot to mention about Zoya's polishes: they are all formaldehyde, toluene, dibutyl phthalate, and camphor free as well as vegan friendly. This just makes me love Zoya polishes even more.)


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