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Friday, December 24, 2010

Quick post - New nail polishes

It's Christmas Eve!! :D Excited for Santa's visit tonight?

Well. Let's ignore the awkwardness of that question.

Anyways a few day ago I picked up two more nail polishes, but I got lazy and forgot to post about them. So now I'm making up for it. Sort of.

Observe the prettiness:

Finger Paints Artistic Azure (left) and Easel-y Entertained

Finger Paints Artistic Azure and Easel-y Entertained close up

Aahhhhh blue sparkliness!!

I absolutely love both polishes, they're both sooooo pretty!! These two called out to me the moment I stopped in front of the Finger Paints display: *Buuuyyyy uuuuusss, BUUUUYYYY UUUUSSSS!!!* So of course, I obeyed,

I really love the name of Easel-y Entertained. It's not only an artsy pun, but it totally describes me in relation to this nail polish. As mentioned before, I love staring at sparkles/glitter in the sun. Therefore, I am easily entertained by Easel-y Entertained!!

You know, this stuff always sounds better in my head. When I type it, it just looks stupid. Anyways.
Just wanted to show you guys the new pretty nail polishes! :D

Do you like Finger Paints nail polishes? Are you entranced by sparkly polishes too?

Finger Paints nail polishes are available for $4.99 at Sally Beauty Supply.

Little thing to smile for today: Santa's visit!
<3 Ruthe


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