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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sally Hansen Diamond Strength polishes - Swatches/Comparisons

So in my last post I talked about the four Sally Hansen Diamond Strength nail polishes that I picked up at CVS on Saturday. I present to you, in this post, the swatches and comparisons. Behold.

Antique Bronze:

Sally Hansen Antique Bronze, natural light

Sally Hansen Antique Bronze, artificial light

Sally Hansen Antique Bronze is an awesome shimmery metallic bronze. I didn't get a chance to go outside to take pictures of this swatch, so I couldn't get a picture with accurate color. The actual color is darker than the first picture and less red than the second picture.

The only color I had that was similar to this was Maybelline Express Finish Copper Glimmer. So I decided to compare it with Antique Bronze.

Antique Bronze (left) and Copper Glimmer (right)
As you can tell from the bottles, Copper Glimmer is lighter than Antique Bronze.

Copper Glimmer on index and middle, Antique Bronze on ring and pinky

Comparison with less reflection

The differences are even more clear on the nail. True to their names, Copper Glimmer is a light copper color and Antique Bronze is a darker bronze color. Both have the same reddish undertones, but Copper Glimmer is more orange while Antique Bronze is more penny-red. Both are really pretty and unique.

And sorry about the nicks and scratches and dents on my nails...

Next is Nude Shimmer:

Sally Hansen Nude Shimmer, outdoor light

Sally Hansen Nude Shimmer, outdoor light

Sally Hansen Nude Shimmer, outdoor light

Sally Hansen Nude Shimmer is a really pretty shimmery champagne with a pinky tan undertone. I think I have found my favorite nude nail polish! Usually I stay away from nude polishes because they tend to look bad on me, but this polish is PERFECT!! So light, so shimmery, so elegant, so pretty :D

I don't have any other colors similar to Nude Shimmer, so I couldn't do a comparison. :(

And last, but definitely not least, Royal Romance:

Sally Hansen Royal Romance, outdoor light

Sally Hansen Royal Romance, outdoor light

Sally Hansen Royal Romance, outdoor light
Sally Hansen Royal Romance is a warm medium-dark plum with a gold sheen. It looks different at every angle, making it hard to capture the real color. It's really pretty and, coincidentally, it's the exact color of my camera. Cool :)

Oh yeah, and sorry about the messy manicure :(

I compared Royal Romance to two other plum polishes I had: Confetti Purple Reigns and Revlon Color Illusion Plum Flip.

From left: Plum Flip, Royal Romance, Purple Reigns
I kind of don't know why I included Purple Reigns in the comparison since it is a creme and therefore doesn't have any shimmer...maybe because it's a plum color? It's not even the right plum color. Whatever.

Just a random comment, the Revlon nail polish is supposed to have a duochrome effect (see the *duochromeness* in the bottle?) but on the nail, it's just purple. Disappointing.

Plum Flip on index, Royal Romance on middle and pinky, Purple Reigns on ring

Comparison with less reflection

Comparison close up

If you look really closely, you can see that Purple Flip is brighter and more pink than Royal Romance. Also, Purple Flip doesn't have the gold sheen that Royal Romance does. The gold sheen makes Royal Romance look darker and more brown-undertoned. In general, though, Purple Flip is very similar to Royal Romance.

Ignoring the huge difference that Purple Reigns is a creme rather than shimmery, Purple Reigns is much darker and more of a true plum than Royal Romance. It is more vibrant than shown in the picture and really contrasts with Royal Romance. Once again, I don't know what I was thinking by including Purple Reigns in this comparison.

So I didn't swatch Flawless because I didn't think you needed to see a swatch of a clear polish, lol.

Doing these swatches has reminded me how much I love Sally Hansen Diamond Strength nail polishes. They apply smoothly, have pretty colors, and the brush is great. The only thing is that they can be quite streaky, but it's not a big problem.

All of the swatched polishes were opaque in two coats; three coats is optional but it might have made the color *pop* more. 

I definitely recommend Sally Hansen Diamond Strength nail polishes, especially when you can get them for a great price when they're on sale, like I did (score!). Even the normal price isn't bad at all, only about $5. Next time you're at the drugstore, go check them out :D

Have you tried Sally Hansen DS polishes? How do you like them?

Sally Hansen Diamond Strength nail polishes are available at drugstores for about $5.

Little thing to smile for today: amazing Sally Hansen DS nail polish!
<3 Ruthe


  1. Thanks for these! Yes, I love these SH polishes too. Just got Nude Shimmer as my take on the rose-gold thing that's been so trendy. Super pretty! I'm sure I have Royal Romance somewhere too, must dig it out.

    I also just got SH Xtreme Wear in Time to Shine, another rose-gold type shade and also tres pretty.

    1. Glad to see you loving the rose-gold trend! Definitely a super-flattering color for everyone :) Thanks for reading!