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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Santa Claws you like the punny name? :P
So obviously Christmas is getting closer and OF COURSE I had to do a Christmas manicure! I probably did practice designs on paper for like an hour before I actually decided on a design.

And voila! Here are my Santa Claws:

Santa Claws, left hand, outdoor light

Santa Claws, left hand close up

Sorry that I didn't really clean up my cuticles and stuff :( This is actually the second time I did this manicure; I did it Monday night for the first time but then I went to sleep too early and messed them up :'( So obviously I did them again last night, waited long enough for them to dry, and then this morning I woke up with *unmessed-up* nails! I was so happy I went outside to take pictures...forgetting to fix my cuticles...anyways.

Wow so as you can tell from the pictures, it's been wet and rainy all week so my pictures have been gloomy and dark looking :( But NOW it's sunny. Sunny, I tell you.


Anyways here's some additional pictures. I'm right-handed so obviously the nails on my right hand are quite horrible, but I felt that I should include them. Also, I really liked how I did my left thumb, so I included a (blurry) picture of that.

Hmm. The sun just disappeared again. Bipolar weather. Anyways back to those pictures...

And again, ignore the gross cuticles :(

Santa Claws, both hands, outdoor light

Santa Claws, left thumb

I used L'oreal Caught Red-Handed for Santa's hat, NYC In a New York Color Minute Central Park for Santa's skin tone, L'oreal French Tip White for Santa's beard and the fur on his hat, 10 Professional Nail Lacquer The Little Black Dress for Santa's eyes, and Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Diamonds for the overall sparkle. As always, I also used a base coat and a top coat (Seche Vite, the holy grail of top coats!! :D).

What do you think of Santa Claws? Cute or not? Like or hate the name?

L'oreal nail polishes are available for about $5 at drugstores.
NYC In a New York Color Minute nail polishes are available for about $2 at drugstores.
10 Professional Nail Lacquer polishes are available for about $4 at CVS.
Sally Hansen Diamond Strength nail polishes are available for about $5 at drugstores.

Little thing to smile for today: Christmas nail art!
<3 Ruthe


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