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Monday, January 17, 2011

Almay Good Apple

As many of you already know, today is Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday. He was such an amazing man, fighting for the advancement of civil rights. Please take a moment today just to appreciate all Martin Luther King Jr. has fought for and accomplished.

So for this manicure I actually used one of my early nail polishes, which I have had for a ridiculously long time! It's called Almay Grow Healthy Good Apple from back when Almay actually made nail polishes. Even though it's really old, it still works great. Today is all foggy so I couldn't get sunlight pictures:

Almay Good Apple, outdoor

I also love how this color looks against dark blue jeans:

Almay Good Apple is a classic medium red creme. I absolutely LOVE this color; it's my favorite medium red! It's darker and less bright than shown in the pictures. Opaque in two coats, though I did three on my thumb to cover a mistake :P.

My favorite thing about this polish is that there is a hidden shimmer. I just love looking for it because it's so subtle! Usually I like totally *BAM*, out-there shimmer/sparkle, but I think for this red, the subtle shimmer is PERFECT!

Unfortunately Almay no longer makes nail polishes :(. Do you want Almay to start making them again?

Little thing to smile for today: amazing red cremes! :D
<3 Ruthe


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