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Friday, January 14, 2011

French Manicure Variation

So I haven't posted in FOREVER, so sorry about that! :(

This manicure was SO quick, didn't take long at all. That's the thing I love about French manicures: they dry so much more quickly than normal manicures!

I am STILL loving the blue from last week, but I felt like being creative so I basically did a blue French manicure with silver dots:

Indoor, natural light

Outdoor, shade

Outdoor, sun

BTW, sorry about the stained nails and cuticles. Dark colors are a pain in the derierre sometimes during removal...

So I did a French manicure with NYC Skin Tight Denim and then added dots with Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Celeb City. I really like this manicure. Simple and cute, this manicure is really great if you don't have a lot of time to do your nails. I think I'm getting more interested in French manicure variations...maybe I'll try more soon... ;)

Do you like French manicure variations? Have you tried any yourself?

NYC nail polishes are available at drugstores for about $1.
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear nail polishes are available at drugstores for about $3.

Little thing to smile for today: creative French manicures! :D
<3 Ruthe


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