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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Grape Manicure - Revlon Grape Icy with Revlon Galaxy

So today I just couldn't sit around and NOT do my nails with amazingly pretty new nail polish taunting me! I resisted until this afternoon, and then I caved. I used two of my new polishes from my latest haul.

I present to you, Revlon Grape Icy with Revlon Galaxy on top:

Revlon Grape Icy with Revlon Galaxy, indoor, natural light
This first picture is really blurry, but it was the only picture where the color was accurate.

Grape Icy with Galaxy, indoor, flash

Grape Icy with Galaxy, outdoor, shade
Grape Icy with Galaxy, outdoor, sun

Grape Icy with Galaxy, outdoor, sun

If you haven't noticed already, I took these pictures in the late afternoon while the sun was going down, so the color of the outdoor pictures are really off. The actual color is pinker than the shade pictures but less bright and less pink than the sun pictures. The first and second picture are pretty accurate, the flash picture is just a little bright.

Revlon Grape Icy is a an awesome shimmery pinkish grape purple. Wow that was hard to describe. It's SO pretty, I love it!! Revlon Galaxy is a top coat with small black, holographic, and dark blurple glitter and big hexagon-shaped holographic glitter. Pure awesomeness!! I did three coats of Grape Icy and two coats of Galaxy.

Grape Icy is really thin, so the first two coats were pretty uneven and sheer, but after the third coat the color really came out and POPPED! So pretty! This might sound weird, but Galaxy was so fun to put on! It was almost exciting to see where each big piece of hexagon glitter would go! LOL :P

If you read my post on my latest haul, then you know that Grape Icy is grape-scented. I assumed that the grape scent would be covered by the two coats of Galaxy and the top coat that I put on. What absolutely cracks me up is that after three coats of polish on top of Grape Icy, MY NAILS STILL SMELL LIKE GRAPE!! Hilarious. This nail polish is awesome! :D

Here are the nail polishes that I used:

Revlon Grape Icy (left) and Revlon Galaxy (right)
I absolutely love this manicure!! First manicure of the year! :D

Have you ever tried scented nail polish? What do you think about it?

Revlon nail polishes are available at drugstores for about $5.

Smile for grape-colored AND scented nail polish!
<3 Ruthe


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