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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Maybelline Pink Karats

Heyyy guys :) How was your cold, wintery Saturday?

The nice, sunny days of two weeks ago have departed :(. All that remains (haha, love that band :P) are cold, cloudy, rainy days. Boo.

Since it's break and I knew that I was gonna be bored with my nails quicker, I didn't care as much about what color I did my nails. So I made a rare decision: I painted my nails with a sheer color. Maybelline Pink Karats is pretty for a sheer, but I don't wear it often because, of course, I don't like sheers.

I took a bunch of pictures to show off the shimmer:

Please ignore the *un-attractiveness* of my tips. Another reason why I don't like sheers is (obviously) they don't hide the imperfections of my nails. Ugh.

Maybelline Pink Karats is a light peachy pink sheer with silver, holo, and light pink shimmer. On the nail, however, the base is just clear and you mostly only see the silver shimmer. Not too exciting, but pretty. This should be good for layering, though :).

Do you like sheer polishes? Or do you prefer awesome flashy polishes like me?

Maybelline Express Finish polishes are available at drugstores for about $4.

Smile for pretty shimmer!
<3 Ruthe


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