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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Maybelline Snow Bunny vs. Revlon Iced Silver

I noticed that the Maybelline Snow Bunny polish from yesterday's haul looked a lot like another one of my polishes: Revlon Iced Silver (from this manicure). So I decided to do a comparision:

Maybelline Snow Bunny (left) and Revlon Iced Silver (right)
In the bottle, Snow Bunny and Iced Silver look really similar, except that Snow Bunny is a bit warmer. But on the nail, the differences really came out.

From left: Snow Bunny, Iced Silver, Snow Bunny, Iced Silver

Maybelline Snow Bunny and Revlon Iced Silver are actually very different because Snow Bunny is a shimmery white and Iced Silver is a bright silver. Iced Silver was completely opaque in two gloopy coats (here is my rant on the formula) but would have looked better with a third coat, while Snow Bunny was barely opaque in SIX COATS!! SIX!!! And that's WITH VNL. Like seriously. Then again, I was sort of expecting this because Maybelline Express Finish polishes tend to be pretty thin (which contributes to the amazing dry time, I guess).

After doing this comparison, I've decided that I prefer Snow Bunny over Iced Silver. Now don't start calling the insane asylum just yet, let me explain. Yes, it did take six coats to reach anything that resembled opacity, but it was a smooth six coats. Iced Silver, on the other hand, was thick, streaky, and gloopy. I won't go too much into it; I already did that in my other post. I also just like how Snow Bunny looks; while Iced Silver is flashy and bright, Snow Bunny is soft and shimmery. Don't get me wrong, I still love flashy nails, but Snow Bunny just looks better than Iced Silver.

I really like both Maybelline Snow Bunny and Revlon Iced Silver for their contrasting aspects, but Iced Silver pales in comparison to Snow Bunny due to its crappy formula.

Would you rather do more coats with a smooth, quick-drying formula or less coats with a thick, slow-drying formula?

Maybelline Express Finish polishes are available at drugstores for about $4.
Revlon nail polishes are available at drugstores for about $5.

Little thing to smile for today: white and silver nail polish! :)
<3 Ruthe


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