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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Simple blue addition to Precious Peach

First of all, have you guys seen the Google doodle today? IT'S TOTALLY AWESOME!! :DD I was SO freaking excited about it when I first saw it today! (*Hint*: you can MOVE it!!) The Google doodle is celebrating Jules Verne's birthday; he "pioneered the science-fiction genre," according to Wikipedia, and was the author of several well-known books such as Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, A Journey to the Center of the Earth, and Around the World in Eighty Days. Go check it out if you haven't already! Like, RIGHT NOW!!

So I was already getting bored with my Sally Hansen DS Precious Peach manicure from yesterday so I decided to spice it up with some simple nail art:

Again, my finger has a gross little cuts on them, so I spared your eyes with virtual band-aids. And again, Precious Peach isn't as orange as shown in the pictures. And my hands aren't wierdly, sickly yellow-toned like they are in the pictures...

So I had Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Precious Peach as the base (from yesterday) and added a *diagonal half-nail-triangle-thing* (great description, huh?) with Sinful Colors See You Soon

Here a random little *factoid* (haha, love that nerd word :P!): My mom designs jewelry as a hobby (I may be biased, but I think she's pretty great at it ;D), and I actually got the inspiration for this combination of orange and blue from one of her many necklace designs:

It's not exactly the same colors, but hey, close enough :P.

Today was still sunny, but it was also freezingly windy :(. I hope the great 70-degree weather comes back soon.

Do you like the combination of blue and orange? And what do you call that *diagonal half-nail-triangle-thing*??

Sally Hansen Diamond Strength nail polishes are available at drugstores for about $5.
Sinful Colors nail polishes are available at drugstores for about $2.

Little thing to smile for today: the combination of complimentary colors! :D ( I did learn something from art class...:P)
<3 Ruthe


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