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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Day Manicure - Revlon Pink Twinkle

So in *honor* of Valentine's Day, I decided to go with pink nails (of course!). I don't really believe in Valentine's Day as a holiday; I think it's just a day for guys in relationships to be pressured and for people not in relationships to suffer. But hey, at least I get to sport flashy pink nails (any excuse for nail polish :D!).

I have actually had Revlon Pink Twinkle for a REALLY long time, but the formula's still fine and I still ADORE the color. I know I said that I would try to make my posts less pic-heavy, but I couldn't help myself with this color:

Revlon Pink Twinkle, outdoor, partial shade

Revlon Pink Twinkle, sun

Revlon Pink Twinkle, indoor, natural light

Revlon Pink Twinkle, indoor, artificial lighting
I still have virtual band-aids on my fingers because although the cuts are healing, they are still visible and I also got a small splinter in my other finger.

My crappy camera got really confused by all the AMAZING glitter, as you can tell in the pics. The bottle color in the first picture is what Pink Twinkle looks like in real life. The glitter is way more dense than most of the pictures show it; the last picture is pretty accurate glitter-wise.

Revlon Pink Twinkle is a medium-pink jelly base chock-full of pink and silver glitter and microglitter. Like I said, the glitter is very very dense (pure awesomeness!! :D), which is why I LOVE LOVE LOVE this polish!! It's so hard to find a good, dense glitter polish; so far, the only ones I've found are from OPI. I really wanted Fingerpaints Easel-y Entertained to have as much glitter as Pink Twinkle, but unfortunately it didn't :(. Anyways, Pink Twinkle was totally opaque in two coats and went on really smoothly. Like all of my other glitter polishes, Pink Twinkle dried really fast. Unlike most glitter polishes, though, Pink Twinkle isn't really rough or gritty at the surface when it's dry. Amazing!!

What is your opinion on Valentine's Day? What about wearing pink on Valentine's Day?

Revlon polishes are available at drugstores for about $5.

Smile for opaque glitter polishes! :D
<3 Ruthe

(PS. You know another awesome thing about opaque glitter polishes?? You can make a mistake and it's barely visible!! Awesome!! :D)


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