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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New polishes from China! :D

My mom returned from a trip to China yesterday. While she was there, I asked her to bring me back some nail polishes so I can try them out. She brought back these three for me:

This polish was nameless, both brand-wise and color-wise. It is a glitter top coat with both large and small bright blue hexagonal glitter. Pretty!! :D


AR Nail Polish #39
Here's another picture so you can see the actual color:

Side View
AR Nail Polish #39 is a silvery violet. Very pretty! Actually, this is basically a lighter version of my New Year's Eve Midnight franken.

Last but TOTALLY not least:

Shengji #39
A closeup of the color:

Absolute gorgeousness!! Shengji #39 is a blue-tinted clear base with blue and gold microflakies!! When I first saw it, I immediately swiped it quickly on my nail; on the nail, the tiny little flakies look holo! Absolutely freakin' awesome!!! :DD

Random little observation, but these nail polishes smell different than my other nail polishes (should I call them my normal polishes? U.S. polishes??). Also (except for the silvery violet one) they are a little thicker than my other ones.

Have you bought nail polish from other countries? How are they different?

Smile for exotic nail polishes! :D
<3 Ruthe


  1. Where did your mom buy the Shengji polish from?
    >< i don't know where and i want to buy some of those...

  2. @Anonymous
    Sorry I took awhile getting back to you.

    I finally asked my mom and she said at one of the many markets in Beijing. "Markets" as in those big multi-story buildings that have little mini-shop/stands that sell anything from cooking utensils to stationary to (of course) makeup. Unfortunately, she forgot which specific "market," sorry :(.