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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Random New Stuff :)

Even though it was raining like HECK yesterday, I went shopping all day. I got a lot of new clothes and jewelry (my left hand is sore from trying on bangles - seriously!! ;P) and, of course, a few new nail polishes. I'm also including some nail stuff I got last week.

So first up is last week's stuff:

Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover
I've heard that this cuticle remover is really good, but truthfully, it freaks me out and I'm not even really sure why I got it. It just seems so chemical-y and scary. To be honest, I might just return it.

CVS Brand hand and nail lotion
This stuff is actually pretty awesome. It absorbs really quickly and moisturizes really well without over-moisturizing (a MAJOR pet peeve of mine regarding lotions/creams!). The scent is sort of old-fashioned, but it's not bad; it's actually pretty pleasant.

Now the stuff from yesterday:

Rimmel Crushed Pearl
I'm actually pretty surprised with myself for getting this, as I usually don't like really pale colors, but this polish just called out to me. And you know I'm not one to resist the call of nail polish...
Rimmel came out with new nail polish colors!! Yayy :D!! Like I talked about in this post, I absolutely LOVE Rimmel polishes! But even though they came out with new colors, the selection is still pretty limited. The two new colors that caught my eye were this one and this other coral-y orange color that I wasn't too sure about. I was shopping with my friend, and when I asked her which one(s) I should get, she said the coral-orange one was too *been there, done that * for me, so I just got this one. Thanks NM for your (as always) genius help!! :D

Revlon Silver Dollar (left) and Revlon Gold Coin (right)
Good job, Revlon. Real creative names.
But names aside, these two polishes are GORGEOUS!!! They are both jam-packed with absolutely amazing shimmer that makes them awesomely, almost coarsely metallic (if that makes sense...). When I saw these, I just POUNCED!! So awesome...

I really need to buy some more storage bin-thingies for my polishes. Right now, the ones that don't fit are just lying around in random places. I feel so bad because I feel like I'm making them feel unloved :(.

How do you store your polishes? How many of you guys use Helmers for nail polish storage? (I know a lot of people do this, but I"m not sure if I want to...)

Little thing to smile for today: new nail polishes and shopping with your best friend! :D
<3 Ruthe


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