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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Rimmel Crushed Pearl

The weather is BIPOLAR!! It was sunny for the most part today, but it was also super windy and it then POURED rain in the afternoon. For about 30 seconds. And then it stopped. WTH??

Anyways, onto the nails: I went with Rimmel Crushed Pearl from my last haul. It looks really different in various lights and it's seriously hard to describe, so here's a bunch of pics:


I got another cut on my cuticle, so that's why the virtual band-aids are back.

Rimmel Crushed Pearl is a very pale, iridescent, pearly pink with lilac-pink shimmer that gives it a unique, almost duochrome pop; as shown in the pics, it looks prominently lilac-pink where the light hits it, but there's kind of a greyish duochrome, as shown in the bottle and in the last pic. The lilac shimmer and iridescence almost makes this polish look glowing; when I look at it I always think of moonstones. Most of the time, Crushed Pearl looks like it does in the last pic.

As interesting as this polish is, I think it's a total fail on me; it totally clashes with my skin tone! I think it would look way better on someone with dark skin. Formula-wise, Crushed Pearl was pretty great, but I still prefer my other Rimmel polish for some reason (not just because of the color). Opaque in two coats, but three got rid of VNL and made the color pop.

What do you think about this color? Weird or awesome?

Little thing to smile for today: white chocolate!! (eating some Godiva vanilla bean white chocolate right now *angels sing*!! :D)
<3 Ruthe


  1. I never think off-white or super-light colors look good against my skintone, either. But I honestly think this looks good on you. :)

    BTW, I love your positive attitude. We really do need to smile for the little things. :D <- This is me smiling for...MAKEUP (which, in my case, is actually a huge thing).


  2. @SwatchAndLearn
    Thanks Fiona! I really appreciate the compliment! :D <- This is me smiling because your comment just made me that much happier. And I agree with you, makeup is AWESOME!! :D