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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Just Think

Ever since Earth Day last Friday, I've become very conscious about keeping the Earth green and healthy. We humans, especially here in America, consume SO much; therefore, we also create A LOT of waste! The bad thing is, a lot of us aren't aware that what we consume drastically affects the Earth.

A lot of companies cut down rainforests in order to use that land for producing products at a lower cost. Did you know that 4,000 football-fields-worth of rainforest is cut down every hour? Did you know that because of deforestation, 137 species of animals, plants, and insects are lost per day? That totals up to about 50,000 species lost per year! I can just go on and on about rainforests, seeing as I just finished researching them for an assignment, but I'll just stop here. For more shocking and interesting facts, please visit this website.

Instead of making you read a super super long rant, I'll end this rant here with this note: please please PLEASE be conscious of what you buy and use. And keep these tips in mind:
  • If you don't need it, don't buy it. I know it's hard, especially for makeup lovers, but just think before you buy. This is obviously hard for me, the shopaholic (hello, nail polish!), but I'm slowly trying to buy less things.
  • Buy environmentally friendly products.These include organic products, local products (VERY important! Buy local when you can!), products without wasteful packaging, recyclable products, and products with the FSC image (below).
  • Recycle and reuse as often as you can. Before throwing it away, think about whether or not you're going to use it again or if it can be reused somehow (donating is a great way to get rid of old stuff!).
  • Check if the town you live in lets you throw food scraps in the yard debris bin (my town does!). By sending your food scraps to be composted instead of landfilled, you are preserving landfill space, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and allowing nutrients to return to the soil.

And please, if you get the time, I urge you to watch this video to find out how wasteful we really are:

Little thing to smile for today: taking care of our Earth :)
<3 Ruthe

Monday, April 25, 2011

Sinful Colors Mint Apple

I'm hopping on the mint-green-nails bandwagon (very late, may I add...hehe :P) with Sinful Colors Mint Apple:

Sorry for the messy cuticles :(. I didn't do such a great job with my nails this time...

Sinful Colors Mint Apple is a blue-leaning mint green with silver shimmer. This color was actually really easy to capture; the picture is dead-on. Weirdly, the silver shimmer looks gold-ish in some lights...I have no idea why. Either way, it's super pretty. I liked this color so much more than I thought I would! I still think mint greens look better on paler hands, but I actually like the way Mint Apple looks on me. Opaque in two to three coats; I did three coats because I still had a few bald spots after two, but if you're careful, you can get away with two coats.

What do you think about mint greens? Still in, or so last year?

Little thing to smile for today: pretty spring-ish nails to match the nice weather!! :D
<3 Ruthe

Saturday, April 23, 2011

We Are ALL Born Superstars

While Lady Gaga may be one of the wackiest, craziest singers out in the music scene, she does have some good songs (I personally loved "Alejandro" and "Telephone"). Her newest song, "Born This Way," is all about being proud of who you are. I especially love these lyrics:

Whether life's disabilities
Left you outcast, bullied, or teased
Rejoice and love yourself today
'Cause baby you were born this way

I really admire Lady Gaga for putting out a song with this concept behind it. The world will definitely be a better place when everyone can feel safe revealing who they truly are. I think it's so shallow of people to judge others based on their sexuality, race, or appearance. Everyone is different and unique, and people shouldn't be afraid to hide that. The global society needs to realize that it is the right of every person on this planet to live out their life the way they want to.

Combining this concept with my favorite Youtube singer, Sam Tsui, here's another version of Lady Gaga's "Born This Way":

Little thing to smile for today: making the world a better place by being nonjudgmental :)
<3 Ruthe

Monday, April 18, 2011

Pure Ice Rio

To counter this cloudy day, I made my nails bright again with Pure Ice Rio:

As mentioned, today was cloudy so my pictures look gloomy :(. Other than that, the color is pretty dead-on (for once!) ;). And I know it looks duochrome-y in the bottle, but that's just the shadow of my fingers making the blue shimmer come out.

Pure Ice Rio is a jelly-ish magenta with pink, purple, blue, and teal shimmer. The blue shimmer is very dominating in most lights (as shown in the pics), but in lower lighting, the other colors come out (in most of these cases, pink comes off stronger than the other colors). I described this polish as *jelly-ish* because the magenta base was so sheer it ended up looking like a jelly. The polish was really hard to build up; it took me three coats, and that's with me painting super thick coats by globbing on the polish. And there's still VNL :(. The sheerness is my main gripe about this polish. The formula, however, was great (other than being really sheer). Even though I did really thick coats, each one was nice and smooth.

This color is really bright and cute; however, I don't really like it on my hands. I really like the shimmer in this polish, but I think it clashes with my skin. This would be a really cute summer pedi though :).

What do you think? Is this polish too bright/clashing? Would you be willing to get this despite the sheerness?

Little thing to smile for today: defying the weather with nail polish! :D
<3 Ruthe

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Survey! :)

1. Tell me something good. I just ordered a new iPod (+ case + screen protector)! I was debating between getting the Touch and the Classic, but I absolutely LOVED how much memory the Classic had: 160 GB! Also, I knew I'd never really use the apps on the Touch.

2. What's the most recent thing you made with your own two hands? Cupcakes. (No, not from scratch; I'm not that talented) I went cupcake-nuts over break. Mostly because it's the only that I can make decently...

3. Do you follow astrology? Yes! I'm a Libra, and I check my horoscope every day after I check my email :).

4. When was last time you colored? Wow, um...I have absolutely no idea. I really can't remember...WAIT! I just remembered: I colored in a skull last year around Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead).

5. Last thing you watched on TV. King of Queens on Friday. Kevin James is one funny dude. :D

Your turn! Copy, paste, and answer in the comments below:
1. Tell me something good.
2. What's the most recent thing you made with your own two hands?
3. Do you follow astrology?
4. When was last time you colored?
5. Last thing you watched on TV.

Ughh break is already over :(. I was so unproductive; I did NOTHING that I was planning on doing. And tomorrow's Monday. *Cry*.

Little thing to smile for today: waiting for the UPS guy :)
<3 Ruthe

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Covergirl Luxe Lilac

Today is my best friend's birthday!! Happy birthday NM! I hope this year brings you luck, love, and happiness. I can't wait to see you when you get back from Florida because I already miss your hilariously sarcastic personality ;)! Love you!

I decided to do purple nails today because the birthday girl LOVES purple ;D. I used Covergirl Luxe Lilac, a polish I wasn't expecting much out of but ended up surprising me:

Yes, I went crazy with the nail file. And no, that's not tip wear: it's shrinkage from my top coat because I forgot to wrap my tips :(.

Covergirl Luxe Lilac is a dark, murky pinkish purple with a touch of grey. When the light hits it however, the pink shimmer comes out and makes the lilac come alive. I absolutely LOVE this effect!! It's really similar to a duochrome effect, but it's more of a *glowing* effect. This makes Luxe Lilac an absolutely gorgeous polish in my book! It's soo pretty I love it! Opaque in three coats, though I thought it was going to take more because the first coat was EXTREMELY sheer.

I'm not usually a big fan of purples, but I am SO in love with this polish! What do you think? Is this polish pretty, or just meh in your opinion?

Little thing to smile for today: BFF's birthday!! (and coordinating purple polish! :D)
<3 Ruthe

P.S. This is SO random, but doesn't this purple Inglot eyeliner look kind of exactly like Purple Luxe?? (Look at the swatches.)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Calvin Klein Sheer Beauty Collection

Today was a great day; I did A LOT of shopping (I'm especially excited over a pair of shoes I got :D) and the sun was out (it was kinda windy, but whatever).

I got a little surprise today when I received the Calvin Klein Sheer Beauty Collection as a gift. It includes two Infinite Beauty Foundations, one Flush with Desire Velvet Blush, and four Tempting Glance Eyeshadows (everything was mini size, I think). It's so adorable and pretty, but it did have its highs and lows. *Warning*: long post with a lotta pics!

Here it is without the outer box:

Just a note, I actually wasn't aware that Calvin Klein had a cosmetic line, so obviously I haven't tried their products before; this review will be purely based on first impressions.

First up are the foundations:

Infinite Matte foundation (left) and Infinite Hydration foundation (right)

The two foundations are Infinite Matte, an oil-free foundation, and Infinite Hydration, a moisturizing foundation. I found it kind of weird that the two foundations were different colors. The lighter color (Infinite Matte) matches my skin tone pretty well, but the darker color (Infinite Hydration) is a little too tan. The cap has a plastic applicator thing attached to it, which I don't really get as it doesn't help much with application:

Here are the two foundations swatched and then roughly blended:

The foundation looks better when I blend it more, obviously, but there was too much foundation for the area of skin I was swatching on. Anyways, see the color difference between the two foundations? Weird...

I couldn't tell much from just swatching, but both formulas felt pretty similar. As you can predict from the name, though, the Infinite Hydration foundation felt more moisturizing than the Infinite Matte foundation.

Now for the other stuff:

The blush is in a shade called Treasure, a really pretty warm peach color. The four eyeshadows are in Artic, a shimmery coppery-bronze, Fresh Air, a shimmery nude, Sandstorm, also a shimery nude, and Deep Brown, a matte dark brown.

Treasure went on really smoothly, but it was super sheer. It seemed at least moderately pigmented when first swatched, but it faded a lot when blended; I felt like I rubbed it completely off. This may make the blush look really natural when applied on the cheeks, but it's way too sheer for my taste.

I don't know if "Artic" is supposed to be "Arctic," but it doesn't make sense either way. The eyeshadow's not a frosty, cool color, as would be expected from a shade named "Arctic," but "Artic" isn't a word as far as I'm aware of. Name aside, Artic is a GORGEOUS color!! Shimmery and sort of metallic, it went on super smooth and blended really well. LOVE!

Fresh Air and Sandstorm are basically the same color. Sometimes it looks like Sandstorm is a little more pink and Fresh Air looks a little more pale, but they're the same. In the pictures, Fresh Air looks darker, but they look the same in real life. Both are light, shimmery, and pretty. Like Artic, they went on super smooth and blended really well.

Deep Brown was the most disappointing part of this whole little set. As you can tell from the pictures, there was barely any pigmentation. Once applied, this eyeshadow didn't budge, and I don't mean that in a good way. It wouldn't blend at all; like the blush, I just felt like I was rubbing it off. I will probably never use this.

Here are the blush and eyeshadows swatched and then blended:

From left: Artic, Fresh Air, Sandstorm, Deep Brown, Treasure

Same order as above

Overall, I liked the idea of this collection: light makeup for a natural look. The foundation was okay; it didn't seem extraordinary, nor did it seem to horrible (I'll have to actually wear it before saying anything about its coverage or its performance). The eyeshadows and blushes all went on smooth, but I only liked Artic and Fresh Air/Sandstorm (though I was disappointed that they were the same thing). I definitely wouldn't have spent my own money to buy this set; I'm glad that this was a gift, because I definitely wouldn't have spent my own money on this set; however, I'm still glad I got the opportunity to try out some Calvin Klein products. Based on this set, though, I won't be running out to buy Calvin Klein makeup.

Little thing to smile for today: unexpected surprises! :)
<3 Ruthe

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sally Hansen Color Quick in Gold Chrome

Sorry I didn't put up any nail-related posts this week; I gave my nails a break and spent a week au naturaIe.

So I decided to finally try out one of my Sally Hansen Color Quick nail color pens. I have green chrome and gold chrome, but I felt like going with gold. First, here are some pics of the packaging:

So basically you uncap it (duh) and then click the button at the end to make the polish come out (it usually takes more than once to get it going, even after the first time you use it). I wasn't expecting the stubby little brush to work well, and it didn't. It was okay, but not great. Now for the actual nail pics:

Look how reflective it is, even in the shade!! :D
The color in real life is a bit more yellow than in the pictures.

Sally Hansen Color Quick nail color pen in Gold Chrome is, quite obviously, a metallic, pale-leaning gold. It's super awesomely reflective, but I couldn't capture the full *reflective-ness* with my camera. It's pretty much opaque in one coat, but doing a second coat will make the yellow come out more and make it completely, awesomely, *metallically* opaque.

Seeing as this is a metallic polish and it's formulated to be quick-drying, I was expecting really good dry time, and Gold Chrome didn't disappoint. This polish didn't just dry fast, it dried LIGHTNING FREAKIN' FAST!!! Like, dry in SECONDS. Seconds, I tell you!! Unfortunately, the amazing dry time meant that the wear absolutely SUCKED!! I was lazy when I did my nails, so I didn't put on a base coat or top coat (oh nail polish gods strike me down now, for I have sinned...), so this wore off CRAZY fast. Here's are my nails after one and a half days of wear:

Um, DO YOU SEE THAT?? And BTW, this is only one coat. See how it doesn't look as gold? After I took this picture I put on another coat of Gold Chrome and then put on a top coat.

Strangely, the dry time and wear of Gold Chrome really really reminded me of spray paint. Like spray paint, this polish was thin but pigmented and dried really fast. It also wore off similarly to spray paint (which I've gotten all over my hands and nails countless times). I think I'm noticing this more because I have a bottle of gold spray paint that's really similar to this. Now I'm really suspicious that this is actually spray paint in pen form. For your nails. Hmmm...very suspicious, Sally Hansen.

In my opinion, Sally Hansen Color Quick nail color pens aren't worth their 10-ish dollar price tag. Sure, they dry super fast and the chrome ones are awesomely metallic, but the horrible wear and spray paint-like qualities are disappointing. Plus, you only get about 4 ml of polish per pen, as compared to a normal bottle of nail polish, which usually contains around 9-15 ml of polish. I'd rather get a nice bottle of metallic nail polish for the same price and deal with the dry time. In the future, I'll probably only use these nail color pens if I only have a few minutes to do my nails.

Have you tried Sally Hansen's nail color pens? Do you like them?

Smile for reflective nails!
<3 Ruthe

*Update*: As I mentioned, I put on a second coat of Gold Chrome as well as a top coat and then wore this on my nails for the rest of the day. Well after half a day of wear and washing my hair, I got about five days worth of tip wear. SO not cool. Needless to say, I took this polish off immediately. It'll be a LONNNGG time before I wear this polish again...

Survey for fun! :)

1. Have you ever/would you ever sky dive? Yes!! I want to go for my next birthday. Last year, I went indoor skydiving for my friend's birthday and it was AWESOME!!

2. Have you ever found a pricey mascara that's actually worth the price? Uh, no. I don't think I've ever bought mascara that cost more than $15. I'd rather spend the money on some nice lip gloss or nail polish...

3. Currently wearing: Gap jeans, Gap t-shirt, new H&M cardigan :D

4. Do you like photography? Yes, but I suck at it. I like pretty photographs, but I always prefer a nice painting.

5. Saturday plans? Going to Oakland (one of my LEAST fave cities...) later and having dinner with the fam. Also, enjoying the great weather and the start of spring break!! :D

Your turn! Copy, paste, and answer in the comments below:
1. Have you ever/would you ever sky dive?
2. Have you ever found a pricey mascara that's actually worth the price?
3. Currently wearing:
4. Do you like photography?
5. Saturday plans?

Little thing to smile for today: the combination of sun and metallic nails (*hint* upcoming post...)!! :D
<3 Ruthe

Saturday, April 2, 2011

My Chemical Romance Concert Experience!! :D

So I just HAVE to post about one of the most awesome experiences ever from this week. I could go on and on and on about this, but I'll try to keep it short-ish ;).

On Thursday (March 31), I won tickets to a My Chemical Romance concert that was on the same day at the Fox Theater in Oakland from a local radio station. It was totally unexpected; I entered an online contest a few weeks ago, but I had totally forgot about it. When they called, I (obviously) FREAKED OUT! I was so incredibly, incredibly psyched because, seeing as I am *blessed* with horrible luck, I NEVER win anything!! Like, seriously, ANYTHING! So when I found out I won these tickets, I was SOOOO excited!! :D

So...that totally justifies skipping class to go to the concert, right??

Anyways, so my brother and his friends were already going to the concert (coincidentally) and they were nice enough to let me tag along. My other ticket went to another one of my brother's friends who, kinda obviously, jumped at the chance to come along.

The concert was, of course, AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!!! It was incredibly, incredibly, incredibly amazing, except for the inevitably huge crowd (it was a sold-out show after all) and unavoidable *claustrophobicness* of being packed in such a huge crowd. It was all completely and totally worth it, though.

Seeing My Chemical Romance was absolutely amazing (I really just can't find another word for it :P). Words cannot express what I felt seeing them live for the first time. It was just completely awe-inspiring.

Along with MCR, Neon Trees (LOVE them!!) and another band called The Architects played. I've never heard of The Architects, but they were pretty good. Neon Trees was amazing; I totally LOVED the singer! He was so awesome, acting totally crazy and doing some totally wild dancing: it was hilarious and awesome at the same time!

Today, two days after the concert, I am still on a high from winning the tickets, I am still half-deaf, my neck still hurts from head banging, my throat is still sore from screaming/singing at the top of my lungs, and I couldn't be happier :).

Smile for an absolutely amazing (and free :D!) concert experience!!!
<3 Ruthe

Survey for fun! :D

1. Feather hair extensions, yay or nay? Yay! I totally don't have the confidence to wear them, but they look pretty awesome on other people.

2. Have you ever had Minx nails? Nope, and I probably never will. Why spend that much money on one manicure when so many nail polish brands are coming out with (or have already came out with) amazing metallic nail polish??

3. Do you like fried foods? My body is hating me for saying this, but yes! I generally try to stay away from fried foods (it's unhealthy, it'll clog my arteries, blah blah blah) but occasionally I go out and purge (fried chicken...yumm :P).

4. Do you have a DVR? Nope. I don't follow shows regularly; I'm more of a *buy the DVD when the season is over* type of girl.

5. Any Saturday plans? Going to hang with my friends in two hours - hot tubbing is in the schedule ;)! The weather has been AMAZING all week!! Really sunny, warm, and overall summer-like. Hope it lasts! :D

Your turn! Copy, paste, and answer in the comments below:
1. Feather hair extensions, yay or nay?
2. Have you ever had Minx nails?
3. Do you like fried foods?
4. Do you have a DVR?
5. Any Saturday plans?

Survey from

Little thing to smile for today: summer weather!! :D
<3 Ruthe