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Monday, April 11, 2011

Calvin Klein Sheer Beauty Collection

Today was a great day; I did A LOT of shopping (I'm especially excited over a pair of shoes I got :D) and the sun was out (it was kinda windy, but whatever).

I got a little surprise today when I received the Calvin Klein Sheer Beauty Collection as a gift. It includes two Infinite Beauty Foundations, one Flush with Desire Velvet Blush, and four Tempting Glance Eyeshadows (everything was mini size, I think). It's so adorable and pretty, but it did have its highs and lows. *Warning*: long post with a lotta pics!

Here it is without the outer box:

Just a note, I actually wasn't aware that Calvin Klein had a cosmetic line, so obviously I haven't tried their products before; this review will be purely based on first impressions.

First up are the foundations:

Infinite Matte foundation (left) and Infinite Hydration foundation (right)

The two foundations are Infinite Matte, an oil-free foundation, and Infinite Hydration, a moisturizing foundation. I found it kind of weird that the two foundations were different colors. The lighter color (Infinite Matte) matches my skin tone pretty well, but the darker color (Infinite Hydration) is a little too tan. The cap has a plastic applicator thing attached to it, which I don't really get as it doesn't help much with application:

Here are the two foundations swatched and then roughly blended:

The foundation looks better when I blend it more, obviously, but there was too much foundation for the area of skin I was swatching on. Anyways, see the color difference between the two foundations? Weird...

I couldn't tell much from just swatching, but both formulas felt pretty similar. As you can predict from the name, though, the Infinite Hydration foundation felt more moisturizing than the Infinite Matte foundation.

Now for the other stuff:

The blush is in a shade called Treasure, a really pretty warm peach color. The four eyeshadows are in Artic, a shimmery coppery-bronze, Fresh Air, a shimmery nude, Sandstorm, also a shimery nude, and Deep Brown, a matte dark brown.

Treasure went on really smoothly, but it was super sheer. It seemed at least moderately pigmented when first swatched, but it faded a lot when blended; I felt like I rubbed it completely off. This may make the blush look really natural when applied on the cheeks, but it's way too sheer for my taste.

I don't know if "Artic" is supposed to be "Arctic," but it doesn't make sense either way. The eyeshadow's not a frosty, cool color, as would be expected from a shade named "Arctic," but "Artic" isn't a word as far as I'm aware of. Name aside, Artic is a GORGEOUS color!! Shimmery and sort of metallic, it went on super smooth and blended really well. LOVE!

Fresh Air and Sandstorm are basically the same color. Sometimes it looks like Sandstorm is a little more pink and Fresh Air looks a little more pale, but they're the same. In the pictures, Fresh Air looks darker, but they look the same in real life. Both are light, shimmery, and pretty. Like Artic, they went on super smooth and blended really well.

Deep Brown was the most disappointing part of this whole little set. As you can tell from the pictures, there was barely any pigmentation. Once applied, this eyeshadow didn't budge, and I don't mean that in a good way. It wouldn't blend at all; like the blush, I just felt like I was rubbing it off. I will probably never use this.

Here are the blush and eyeshadows swatched and then blended:

From left: Artic, Fresh Air, Sandstorm, Deep Brown, Treasure

Same order as above

Overall, I liked the idea of this collection: light makeup for a natural look. The foundation was okay; it didn't seem extraordinary, nor did it seem to horrible (I'll have to actually wear it before saying anything about its coverage or its performance). The eyeshadows and blushes all went on smooth, but I only liked Artic and Fresh Air/Sandstorm (though I was disappointed that they were the same thing). I definitely wouldn't have spent my own money to buy this set; I'm glad that this was a gift, because I definitely wouldn't have spent my own money on this set; however, I'm still glad I got the opportunity to try out some Calvin Klein products. Based on this set, though, I won't be running out to buy Calvin Klein makeup.

Little thing to smile for today: unexpected surprises! :)
<3 Ruthe


  1. Artic is beautiful, but that's all I like from this set. :S It's awesome you got it as a gift though. I'll take makeup presents any day!

    Do you know how much this is originally?


  2. @SwatchAndLearn
    Makeup presents are the best! Even if they're sometimes disappointing, like this one.

    Unfortunately, I couldn't find this set anywhere online, sorry :(, but I did find some similar sets for under $10. (Like this one here:

    I tried looking for Artic separately, but the only thing I could find was a white eyeshadow with the same name and number (like here: strange. Sorry about that :(

  3. Wow. Sooo strange! It's like you got a one-of-a-kind gift!

    Or maybe it's like a phantom present. Does it really exist, one must ponder. Maybe then we will realize: there is no gift...


  4. @SwatchAndLearn
    OMG Fiona, you are so hilarious!! I just had a little laughing fit after reading your comment :P.

    Reminds me of learning about Plato's Cave...maybe it's a gift, but not a Gift...

    So confusing; deep thinking is tiring. But hey, maybe this shows that makeup is related to the meaning of life! Somehow...LOL anyways thanks for giving me a laugh! :D

  5. hello ! can you please tell me the shade of the darker foundation?

    1. Hi Amaryllis!

      Sorry, I got rid of this set years ago. :(