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Saturday, April 2, 2011

My Chemical Romance Concert Experience!! :D

So I just HAVE to post about one of the most awesome experiences ever from this week. I could go on and on and on about this, but I'll try to keep it short-ish ;).

On Thursday (March 31), I won tickets to a My Chemical Romance concert that was on the same day at the Fox Theater in Oakland from a local radio station. It was totally unexpected; I entered an online contest a few weeks ago, but I had totally forgot about it. When they called, I (obviously) FREAKED OUT! I was so incredibly, incredibly psyched because, seeing as I am *blessed* with horrible luck, I NEVER win anything!! Like, seriously, ANYTHING! So when I found out I won these tickets, I was SOOOO excited!! :D

So...that totally justifies skipping class to go to the concert, right??

Anyways, so my brother and his friends were already going to the concert (coincidentally) and they were nice enough to let me tag along. My other ticket went to another one of my brother's friends who, kinda obviously, jumped at the chance to come along.

The concert was, of course, AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!!! It was incredibly, incredibly, incredibly amazing, except for the inevitably huge crowd (it was a sold-out show after all) and unavoidable *claustrophobicness* of being packed in such a huge crowd. It was all completely and totally worth it, though.

Seeing My Chemical Romance was absolutely amazing (I really just can't find another word for it :P). Words cannot express what I felt seeing them live for the first time. It was just completely awe-inspiring.

Along with MCR, Neon Trees (LOVE them!!) and another band called The Architects played. I've never heard of The Architects, but they were pretty good. Neon Trees was amazing; I totally LOVED the singer! He was so awesome, acting totally crazy and doing some totally wild dancing: it was hilarious and awesome at the same time!

Today, two days after the concert, I am still on a high from winning the tickets, I am still half-deaf, my neck still hurts from head banging, my throat is still sore from screaming/singing at the top of my lungs, and I couldn't be happier :).

Smile for an absolutely amazing (and free :D!) concert experience!!!
<3 Ruthe


  1. Wow! Sounds like an awfully fun time. I've never won anything before; it must've been exciting for you!

    And yes, it totally justifies skipping class. :P


  2. @SwatchAndLearn
    Hey Fiona!

    Yes, it WAS awfully fun, and I've never won anything before either, so it definitely was exciting!
    And I feel so much better now that at least one other person thinks it's was okay to skip class! :D