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Monday, April 18, 2011

Pure Ice Rio

To counter this cloudy day, I made my nails bright again with Pure Ice Rio:

As mentioned, today was cloudy so my pictures look gloomy :(. Other than that, the color is pretty dead-on (for once!) ;). And I know it looks duochrome-y in the bottle, but that's just the shadow of my fingers making the blue shimmer come out.

Pure Ice Rio is a jelly-ish magenta with pink, purple, blue, and teal shimmer. The blue shimmer is very dominating in most lights (as shown in the pics), but in lower lighting, the other colors come out (in most of these cases, pink comes off stronger than the other colors). I described this polish as *jelly-ish* because the magenta base was so sheer it ended up looking like a jelly. The polish was really hard to build up; it took me three coats, and that's with me painting super thick coats by globbing on the polish. And there's still VNL :(. The sheerness is my main gripe about this polish. The formula, however, was great (other than being really sheer). Even though I did really thick coats, each one was nice and smooth.

This color is really bright and cute; however, I don't really like it on my hands. I really like the shimmer in this polish, but I think it clashes with my skin. This would be a really cute summer pedi though :).

What do you think? Is this polish too bright/clashing? Would you be willing to get this despite the sheerness?

Little thing to smile for today: defying the weather with nail polish! :D
<3 Ruthe


  1. It's tough wearing such a lollipop pink, but I think you pulled off this color nicely. (We're always so much harder on ourselves when it comes to our nails!)


  2. @SwatchAndLearn
    Thanks Fiona! You're totally right; we need to be more positive about ourselves! ;D

  3. Super pretty color! The shimmer really makes it.

  4. @Tammy
    Thanks Tammy! The shimmer really is quite awesome. I stared at it sooo much I would forget what I was doing...and then I would look up to see all my friends giving me the *WTF?* look, LOL. :P