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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sally Hansen Color Quick in Gold Chrome

Sorry I didn't put up any nail-related posts this week; I gave my nails a break and spent a week au naturaIe.

So I decided to finally try out one of my Sally Hansen Color Quick nail color pens. I have green chrome and gold chrome, but I felt like going with gold. First, here are some pics of the packaging:

So basically you uncap it (duh) and then click the button at the end to make the polish come out (it usually takes more than once to get it going, even after the first time you use it). I wasn't expecting the stubby little brush to work well, and it didn't. It was okay, but not great. Now for the actual nail pics:

Look how reflective it is, even in the shade!! :D
The color in real life is a bit more yellow than in the pictures.

Sally Hansen Color Quick nail color pen in Gold Chrome is, quite obviously, a metallic, pale-leaning gold. It's super awesomely reflective, but I couldn't capture the full *reflective-ness* with my camera. It's pretty much opaque in one coat, but doing a second coat will make the yellow come out more and make it completely, awesomely, *metallically* opaque.

Seeing as this is a metallic polish and it's formulated to be quick-drying, I was expecting really good dry time, and Gold Chrome didn't disappoint. This polish didn't just dry fast, it dried LIGHTNING FREAKIN' FAST!!! Like, dry in SECONDS. Seconds, I tell you!! Unfortunately, the amazing dry time meant that the wear absolutely SUCKED!! I was lazy when I did my nails, so I didn't put on a base coat or top coat (oh nail polish gods strike me down now, for I have sinned...), so this wore off CRAZY fast. Here's are my nails after one and a half days of wear:

Um, DO YOU SEE THAT?? And BTW, this is only one coat. See how it doesn't look as gold? After I took this picture I put on another coat of Gold Chrome and then put on a top coat.

Strangely, the dry time and wear of Gold Chrome really really reminded me of spray paint. Like spray paint, this polish was thin but pigmented and dried really fast. It also wore off similarly to spray paint (which I've gotten all over my hands and nails countless times). I think I'm noticing this more because I have a bottle of gold spray paint that's really similar to this. Now I'm really suspicious that this is actually spray paint in pen form. For your nails. Hmmm...very suspicious, Sally Hansen.

In my opinion, Sally Hansen Color Quick nail color pens aren't worth their 10-ish dollar price tag. Sure, they dry super fast and the chrome ones are awesomely metallic, but the horrible wear and spray paint-like qualities are disappointing. Plus, you only get about 4 ml of polish per pen, as compared to a normal bottle of nail polish, which usually contains around 9-15 ml of polish. I'd rather get a nice bottle of metallic nail polish for the same price and deal with the dry time. In the future, I'll probably only use these nail color pens if I only have a few minutes to do my nails.

Have you tried Sally Hansen's nail color pens? Do you like them?

Smile for reflective nails!
<3 Ruthe

*Update*: As I mentioned, I put on a second coat of Gold Chrome as well as a top coat and then wore this on my nails for the rest of the day. Well after half a day of wear and washing my hair, I got about five days worth of tip wear. SO not cool. Needless to say, I took this polish off immediately. It'll be a LONNNGG time before I wear this polish again...


  1. Whoa! I can't believe how fast the polish wore off without a top coat.

    Pretty color + bad wear + high price tag = DISMISSABLE!

    Thanks for the review, Ruthe!

  2. @SwatchAndLearn
    I know, isn't it crazy how bad the wear is??
    I totally agree: no matter how cool the color is, it's not worth the wear and price tag. Totally disappointed in this.
    Thanks for reading! :D