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Saturday, May 21, 2011

I'm Back!! + Survey :D

Hey guys!
So I'm finally done with all my hard stuff. There's still some school left, but it's all gravy from here on :D.

I have a major post to put up very soon *hint hint* but first here's a survey:

1. Have you ever had a green smoothie? Oh eff no. Sorry, but those just gross me out! I know they're super super healthy and all, but I was scarred a few years back when my mom went through a "throw anything and everything into the blender" phase. I'm talking about smoothies with carrots, celery, beets, flax seeds, sesame seeds, corn peas, etc. Scarred, I tell you.

2. Do you consider yourself an "animal person"? Unfortunately, no. Animals (and wildlife in general) just kind of freak me out. I think this is probably because I never had a pet other than fish before. I mean, I totally support saving endangered wildlife, but I don't see myself getting a pet anytime in the future.

3. What's your favorite type of cheese? I'm not too familiar with the really specific types of cheese (it's all the same deliciousness to me!) but I really like mozzarella.

4. Lippie of the day? Covergirl TruShine lipstick in Blushberry Shine with Clinique Long Lasting Glosswear in Sunset on top.

5. Weekend plans? Well, seeing as this is the first weekend I don't have to stress out about anything, I'm going to RELAX MUCHO!!!

Your turn! Copy, paste, and answer in the comments:
1. Have you ever had a green smoothie?
2. Do you consider yourself an "animal person"?
3. What's your favorite type of cheese?
4. Lippie of the day?
5. Weekend plans?

It's so great to be back! Thanks to my lovely readers who stuck with me! :D I love you guys! <3
Little thing to smile for today: blogging again and the approach of summer!! :D
<3 Ruthe


  1. Welcome back, Ruthe! I hope you did well on your tests and essays!

    1. Have you ever had a green smoothie? NO. Whenever I think of green smoothies, I think of baristas cutting fresh grass in front of you and then putting it into the blender. Not very appetizing.
    2. Do you consider yourself an "animal person"? Yes, from afar. :P I love, love dogs, but I'm scared of them. Hahah Like you, the only pet I've ever had was a fish.
    3. What's your favorite type of cheese? SWISS CHEESE ALL THE WAY! Move over, Jerry! Actually, I love almost all types of cheese. Yum, Yum.
    4. Lippie of the day? The Body Shop Born Lippy Pink Guava Lip Balm. Smells delish!
    5. Weekend plans? A lil' drinkin', a lil' chicken wingin', a lil' blogging, a lil' dim-sumin', and a whole lotta not-going-to-work!


  2. @SwatchAndLearn
    Hey Fiona! It's great to be blogging again; I totally missed it! And thanks for the good wishes :)

    I totally agree with you about the green smoothies and dogs.
    Your weekend sounded great! Especially the no-going-to-work part :P