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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Short Post - M.I.A.

Sooo I haven't put up a nail post in a long while...I apologize about that.

Unfortunately, my sparse blogging will have to continue for at least two more weeks. This week, I had an extremely important and difficult test on Friday (SO glad it's over with!). Next week I have a term paper due and then the week after that I have a final, both for my hardest class. So, I'm not really going to have the time to be putting up posts or even doing my nails (*sob*!). Plus I've practically destroyed them during yesterday's test; I broke two nails right before the test started, and then I spent the entire test staring and picking at my poor nails :(. On a totally different subject, I think I'm going to go back to round nails since my nails have been breaking like CRAZY ever since I went square. It's mostly the corners that keep catching on things and breaking (*cry*).


Again, I apologize for the lack of posts, and I hope you'll all bear with me through the next few weeks while this blog is in hibernation :).

Little thing to smile for today: the return of summer weather! :D
<3 Ruthe


  1. Hope you ace your term paper and final exam, Ruthe! :)
    - Mary

  2. @SwatchAndLearn
    Thanks a lot Mary!! I really hope I do, but the procrastination monster has been paying a lot of visits...:P

  3. Hi Ruthe!

    Best of luck with your finals and term papers. I look forward to new posts from you soon. :)

    Study hard! Or at least just study. Hahaha.


  4. Thanks so much, Mary and Fiona! You guys are so great, your comments totally gave me a boost :)

    I hope I do well...only the procrastination monster keeps ;)