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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sally Hansen Pink Sapphire + Watermelon Nail Art! :)

Hey people! I've been in a fun, happy, skip-around-in-a-field-of-daisies mood the last week-ish because it's summer break and it's finally sunny and warm!! (In case you haven't noticed from my weather rants, I LOVE warm weather!) Of course I still have a ton to do, but I'm ignoring all that for now ;).

This summer-high put me in a mood for pink nails. After I did my nails, of course, I was reminded why I don't like most pink polishes. Let's take a look:

The actual color is way less bright than shown in the pictures. It's more of a warm, light, peachy-rose pink. Wow, great color description, right? Anyways there's gonna be a more color-accurate picture later in this post.

Sally Hansen Pink Sapphire is a light pink with pink and silver shimmer. Application was nice and smooth. Opaque in two coats, but I did three to be safe.

So it's not that I think this color is ugly on me (or just in general), but it's just that Pink Sapphire is so BORING! Maybe it's because I don't like pink a whole lot, but I was already bored with this color on the first day! I was lazy so I didn't want to redo my nails, so I decided to do some nail art. I followed Mary's Watermelon Nails Tutorial on Swatch and Learn, but obviously I used pink instead of red. Here's the (messy) result:

Please ignore the horrible cuticles and the shriveled-up looking nail on the index finger. The tip has a bunch of marks on it from my hair. Don't ask...

This is the color-accurate photo I was talking about. I didn't realize that all of my outdoor photos made the pink look super bright until I looked at them on the computer, so I just took this quick indoor photo. It's slightly blurry, but the color's dead-on.

I really need to work on taking double-hand pictures. The position of my hands in this picture just look...awkward. And as always, click on the pictures to enlarge.

Obviously, I did a really messy job doing these, but I think the overall look is super cute! However, I prefer Mary's original look because 1) it's just done so much better and 2) I like the red better than pink. All that aside, I absolutely love this design for summer! And after all, watermelon is my favorite fruit! :D

And a last random note: I totally just realized that I unconsciously coordinated my accessories today to match my watermelon nails! All pink and green:

I was carrying a pink wristlet and wearing green flip flops and my neon green jelly-band watch. And of course, I was chewing watermelon gum :).

Little thing to smile for today: watermelon, of course!! :D
<3 Ruthe

Friday, June 24, 2011

Top Ten Award

I'm so honored!! Tammy from Lazy Beautiful tagged me with the Top Ten Award! I love Tammy and her blog; she is such an inspiration and I'm so grateful that she nominated me!

The Rules:
1) Link back to the person who tagged you
2) Nominate 10 other bloggers
3) List your 10 favorite beauty products

I nominate:
Yes, I realize that this is only three (well, actually four), not ten, but honestly, I only want to nominate the bloggers that would actually (maybe) respond to my little blog. Plus, I'm going to nominate all of YOU, my darling readers! :)

10 Favorite Beauty Products:
  • Tokidoki Prisma Lip Gloss
  • Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Polish
  • Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Cover Concealer
  • Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss
  • MAC Dazzleglass
  • Rosebud Perfume Co. Strawberry Lip Balm
  • Rimmel Lasting Finish Nail Polish
  • Wet 'N Wild Kohl Eyeliner Pencil
  • Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat
  • Rimmel Special Eyes Precision Eyeliner

BTW, neither of my lists are in any particular order.

Remember, you're tagged too, so list ten of your favorite beauty products in the comments below!

Little thing to smile for today: tagging and being tagged :)
<3 Ruthe

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Loreal Yellow Seahorse

Being Asian myself, I've never really related yellow things or objects to the Asian stereotype of being *yellow* (did that make any sense at all??), until I tried Loreal Yellow Seahorse. Should Asians avoid yellow because it clashes with their skin tone, or should they embrace it because it complements their skin tone?? I've never really known the rules/concepts about flattering certain skin tones/undertones, but now I know that school-bus yellow is definitely not for me:

*Shudder*. I'm ashamed to put these photos up...
The last picture is in the shade to show the jelly-ish-ness of this polish and the microflakies that you can't see in the other pictures (look near the bottom side of the bottle).

Loreal Yellow Seahorse is a bright school bus yellow with lots of subtle microflakies. You really can't see the microflakies unless you look closely in the right light. Obviously, my camera didn't pick up on them at all. This color, in my opinion, is quite hideous. I don't know why I thought it was cute and summery when I bought it, but it looks terrible on me. Like all Loreal polishes that I've tried, Yellow Seahorse went on really smoothly, but unlike those other Loreal polishes, this polish needed four coats to become adequately opaque. FOUR. And that's WITH VNL. I'm still interested in yellow nail polishes, but Yellow Seahorse has majorly discouraged me. Every time I look at my nails I cringe a bit inside. Ughh...

Little thing to smile for today: summer dresses and shopping! (can you guess what I did today? ;P)
<3 Ruthe

Revlon Copper Penny

Purple is a pretty color; I get it. I know that tons of people out there love love love purple, but I really just don't like it. Purple-lovers, please don't shoot me.

I always trick myself into thinking I like purple. Whether it's clothes, shoes, jewelry, or (of course) nail polish, I convince myself to give purple a chance time and time again, only to find that, again, it isn't for me. I was reminded of this one again with LA Girl Groupie. (Wow that was a lot of agains...) Pretty as it may be, I got tired of it after...well the first day. After two more, I had to change my polish, which is basically the point of this rant. What I'm trying to get to is what was on my nails a few days ago, Revlon Copper Penny:

Oh beautiful reflective *metallic-ness*!! In the sun, this polish is seriously blinding. If I stare at it for too long, I actually get an afterimage (that little greenish or reddish spot you see after staring at the sun).

Revlon Copper Penny is a metallic copper consisting of silver and copper *metallic particles* (don't know what I should call them...shimmer? glitter??). Copper Penny is one of the polishes from Revlon's Heavenly Metal Collection. Like I mentioned above, this polish is super super metallic and reflective and, therefore, awesome!! Opaque in two coats. Copper Penny went on pretty smooth, but I did get some bubbling. Again, I'm torn on Revlon polishes. They're pretty long-lasting overall, but the slow dry time and either too-thick or too-thin formula that I often encounter with Revlon polishes is disappointing.

Little thing to smile for today: the combination of summer sun and blindingly metallic nails!! :D
<3 Ruthe

Thursday, June 16, 2011

LA Girl Groupie

Hello dear readers! I present to you LA Girl Groupie, which was on my nails the first part of this week. Again, I'm late putting up this post as my last few finals were Monday-Wednesday. But, it's all over now and today is my official first day of summer! :D

LA Girl Groupie is a dark purple filled with microglitter. In most lights, the purple is very blue-leaning, but in some lower lights it shines pink. Groupie is one of LA Girl's Rockstar polishes. Though this polish had some seriously pretty sparkle, unfortunately the gorgeous duochrome effect in the bottle (see near the bottom?) doesn't show up on the nail. Well, it does sometimes but then it's still really really minor and you have to look pretty hard to see it. Application was smooth, as with all LA Girl polishes I"ve tried so far. Opaque in two coats.

Another thing I've noticed about LA Girl polishes: the wear isn't great. I've had minor chipping by the second day and major chipping after three days. Isn't too much of a problem; just a little annoying.

So summer weather is FINALLY here after my endless complaining, and I am absolutely loving it!! Yesterday after my last final I had a pool day with a bunch of friends, and I spent today having lunch with a another friend and doing a little shopping (got two super cute watches! :D). I am finally relaxing after two super-stressful months, and both my body and brain are thanking me :).

Little thing to smile for today: summer!!! :D
<3 Ruthe

Monday, June 6, 2011

China Glaze Crackle over Pure Ice Celestial

Wow. So I've had a crappy day.
Don't you just hate it when you go out of you way to do something nice for someone and then you end up getting burned? Yeah. Story of my life.

Plus certain people in my life are just veering off the well-beaten path to go somewhere that I'd like to call "Do-Whatever-You-Can-To-Piss-Off-Ruthe-Town." OK maybe I DID just make that up, but whatever.

Ranting aside...

So I FINALLY got some crackle nail polishes and I'm super excited to try them out! Check out Lightning Bolt from China Glaze, a white crackle:

I'm obviously still getting used to the application of crackle polishes; I applied it too thick on my left hand. Also, I really need to work on applying it neater and closer to the cuticle. Echh the messiness of this mani embarrasses me...

I did like how the middle and ring fingers on my right hand turned out. Just the crackling, not the neatness...Also ignore the fact that both nails are mere nubbins...I broke them while painting two weekends ago *cry* :(.

I did one layer of Pure Ice Celestial (remember from this post?) and then let it dry before doing one layer of China Glaze Crackle Lightning Bolt. Because I was lazy and only did one layer of Celestial, however, there are some bald spots in the base color.

I realize this manicure is pretty wintery, but hey, it's totally suitable for the unusual weather we're been having. If you live somewhere where it's already hot and summery, I ENVY YOU. Usually around this time of the year, I too would be breaking out the shorts and sunscreen. Unfortunately, that's not the case this year. Take a look at the *beautiful* Californian summer weather:

FML. Oh warm, bright Sun, I miss you so!

Weather aside, this was my first crackle mani and I have to say, I'm hooked on crackle polishes!! :D

Little thing to smile for today: CRACKLE!! (what else?? :P)
<3 Ruthe

(P.S. And uh...sorry about the rant in the beginning ;P.)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Survey :)

1. What's your latest beauty buy? A few nail polishes from Sally Beauty and a drugstore on Friday. I think that from now on, I'm not going to post hauls unless their big/from online. Just an FYI :).

2. Do you use hand sanitizer? Yes, if soap and a sink aren't easily accessible. I don't really like using hand sanitizer, but it's works if you need it.

3. Is there a certain time of day when you like to paint your nails? Definitely at night. After I get everything done and ready for the next day, I just love plopping down in front of the TV and doing my nails. So relaxing...;)

4. Name one food that you know is bad for you, but you can't resist. Wow, I can't just name one...I basically can't resist anything on a Burger King menu: burgers, fries, milkshakes, onion rings...I gotta stop now before I start drooling...

5. Do watch/DVR any TV shows regularly? No, I only watch TV when I don't have anything else to watch and then I usually watch cooking shows or nature shows. I always watch my favorite shows (Bones, Family Guy, That 70's Show before it was canceled) on DVD.

6. Have you ever used BB Creams? Nope. In fact, I've never heard of them until now...

7. Are you into celebrity gossip? Nope, not at all. Personally, I don't give a crap about what celebrities do, unless it's monumentally important/bad or involves someone I'm actually interested in.

Your turn! Copy, paste, and answer in the comments below:
1. What's your latest beauty buy?
2. Do you use hand sanitizer?
3. Is there a certain time of day when you like to paint your nails?
4. Name one food that you know is bad for you, but you can't resist.
5. Do watch/DVR any TV shows regularly?
6. Have you ever used BB Creams?
7. Are you into celebrity gossip?

Little thing to smile for today: no rain!! :D
<3 Ruthe

Saturday, June 4, 2011

LA Girl Metallic Olive

Wow, time sure flies by; is Christmas around the corner already? No?? Then why is it raining like it's December?!?!

This whole week it's been storming like there's no tomorrow. Summer, my derrière.


Sorry I didn't put up this post earlier. School is wrapping up but I've been super busy with end-of-the-year work. Ugh. I actually took the pictures for this post on Tuesday, when the sun decided to come out for a few measly minutes, but I didn't get around to putting this post up until today.

So this is my manicure from last week. Again, I don't know why I'm getting into green polishes, but I'm starting to really love them! LA Girl Metallic Olive is probably the first non-blue-leaning green that I've worn, and I'm loving it:

Unfortunately, my camera (again) wasn't able to capture the true gorgeousness of this polish. In fact, it makes the green look sort of washed out. That's probably because of the reflectiveness too, but whatever.

LA Girl Metallic Olive is a dark olive green with gorgeous shimmer. Metallic Olive is one of La Girl's Metal polishes. Not only does Metallic Olive have green shimmer, it also has gold, red, and orange shimmer. SO pretty! The red shimmer especially gives Metallic Olive a unique quality to it. The different colors of shimmer actually remind me of the different colors in a typical forest in California, with the green representing the overwhelming amount of plants (duh), the gold representing bits of sunshine that are let in through the trees, the orange representing flashes of fur from darting squirrels and other cute forest critters, and the red representing redwood trees. Just a random thought, Lol :P. Metallic Olive was opaque in two nice, smooth coats.

Another random note: though I've only tried two LA Girl polishes so far, I've noticed that they seem to *suck the glossiness* out of my top coat. Usually, Seche Vite leaves a supersupersuper glossy and shiny finish because it's so thick. However with both LA Girl polishes that I've tried, the finish was still shiny but the glossiness wasn't there. With Live On Stage, I assumed that this was because it's packed with glitter, but I'm surprised that Metallic Olive didn't turn out as glossy as my usual manicures using Seche Vite. Not a big deal though.

Hmm. The sun finally decided to come out for awhile. About freakin time!

Little thing to smile for today: green nails! :D
<3 Ruthe