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Saturday, June 4, 2011

LA Girl Metallic Olive

Wow, time sure flies by; is Christmas around the corner already? No?? Then why is it raining like it's December?!?!

This whole week it's been storming like there's no tomorrow. Summer, my derrière.


Sorry I didn't put up this post earlier. School is wrapping up but I've been super busy with end-of-the-year work. Ugh. I actually took the pictures for this post on Tuesday, when the sun decided to come out for a few measly minutes, but I didn't get around to putting this post up until today.

So this is my manicure from last week. Again, I don't know why I'm getting into green polishes, but I'm starting to really love them! LA Girl Metallic Olive is probably the first non-blue-leaning green that I've worn, and I'm loving it:

Unfortunately, my camera (again) wasn't able to capture the true gorgeousness of this polish. In fact, it makes the green look sort of washed out. That's probably because of the reflectiveness too, but whatever.

LA Girl Metallic Olive is a dark olive green with gorgeous shimmer. Metallic Olive is one of La Girl's Metal polishes. Not only does Metallic Olive have green shimmer, it also has gold, red, and orange shimmer. SO pretty! The red shimmer especially gives Metallic Olive a unique quality to it. The different colors of shimmer actually remind me of the different colors in a typical forest in California, with the green representing the overwhelming amount of plants (duh), the gold representing bits of sunshine that are let in through the trees, the orange representing flashes of fur from darting squirrels and other cute forest critters, and the red representing redwood trees. Just a random thought, Lol :P. Metallic Olive was opaque in two nice, smooth coats.

Another random note: though I've only tried two LA Girl polishes so far, I've noticed that they seem to *suck the glossiness* out of my top coat. Usually, Seche Vite leaves a supersupersuper glossy and shiny finish because it's so thick. However with both LA Girl polishes that I've tried, the finish was still shiny but the glossiness wasn't there. With Live On Stage, I assumed that this was because it's packed with glitter, but I'm surprised that Metallic Olive didn't turn out as glossy as my usual manicures using Seche Vite. Not a big deal though.

Hmm. The sun finally decided to come out for awhile. About freakin time!

Little thing to smile for today: green nails! :D
<3 Ruthe


  1. Ahhhhhh. I love green-nail polishes! So, so glad you finally are getting into them, too!

    This looks so beautiful. It kind of reminds me of Nubar Verde from the Venetian Glass Collection but with colored sparkles. Ahahha. Love your profound reading of symbolism... from a nail polish! :)


  2. @SwatchAndLearn
    Hey Fiona!

    I'm glad I'm trying more green polishes too! I never realized how gorgeous they are!! :D

    Metallic Olive is sort of similar to Nubar Verde, isn't it? But OMG Nubar Verde is SO gorgeous I want it too!! I really want to try some Nubar polishes, but it sucks how they're not easily available! And thank you; I think my symbolism is the product of too many "creative" English professors, Lol ;)