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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Revlon Gold Coin

After this post, I will be on a short hiatus. Tomorrow, I'm heading to Santa Barbara with my friend for about a week and a half. I'm not sure if I'll have computer/internet access, so I can't really predict whether or not I'll put up any posts while I'm there. I'll definitely take a lot of pictures and share them when I get back :). Maybe some swatch pictures on the beach...;).

In anticipation for the trip, I painted by nails metallic again! I used another Revlon Heavenly Metals polish (remember Copper Penny?), but this time it's gold:

And some sun pictures to show off the metallic reflectiveness:

These past few days I've been cleaning, washing, packing, and doing a bunch of other work around the house so I ended up getting a blister on my index fingers; thus, the virtual band-aid are back. Doing all this work has also taken its toll on my nails; they keep brekaing and chipping!! :(

Revlon Gold Coin is a metallic pale gold with gold and silver *reflective particles* (again, don't know what to call them...). It's a bit more gold and less silvery than shown in the pictures. This color reminded me of my Sally Hansen polish pen in Gold Chrome, but Gold Coin is less chrome and more awesome. This went on smooth and was opaque in two coats.

What I've noticed about Revlon's Heavenly Metals polishes that makes them unique is that the metallic finish isn't smooth like most metallics; you can actually see the shimmery, reflective particles in the nail polish that gives the *metallic-ness* a kick. And with both Heavenly Metals polishes that I've tried so far, there is silver mixed in with the other metallic color, whether it's gold or copper. I think the silver gives each polish a really unique feel. The only other Heavenly Metals polish that I have yet to try (it's just sitting there in my stash, waiting...;P) is Silver Dollar, which is pretty obviously a metallic silver.

I usually have gripes with Revlon polishes, but I am absolutely in love with their Heavenly Metals collection!! These metallic polishes are just SO reflective and metallic and AMAZING!! :D

Little thing to smile for today: metallic nails! :D
<3 Ruthe

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Pirate Nails!

I've been doing more outdoor painting, so my red mani got pretty scratched up. Fortunately, inspiration whacked me in the head and I turned my beat up red nails into some cute pirate nails! Check it:

As always, click to enlarge :).

Now that I think about it, pirates would probably have some pretty nasty nails. I mean, they have to live and work on a ship without washing their hands often or taking a bath every day, much less using hand lotion or cuticle oil! Obviously, I wasn't exactly thinking of that when I did my nails, but it's just a random thought...

I already had a no-name mystery Maybelline red on for the base; then I used tape and 10 Professional Nail Lacquer The Little Black Dress to do the black stripes. After, I used a nail art brush and Loreal French Tip White to draw the skulls and crossbones. Finally, I used a dotting tool and The Little Black Dress again to do the eyes and then put on a top coat.

Unfortunately, I didn't wait long enough for the eyes to dry on some of the nails before putting on the top coat, so you can see eye-smudges on some of the skulls (the skull on my right thumb looks like it's crying!). And in retrospect, I should have gone over the white again so it was more opaque. I thought about doing it, I started to do it, but then I got lazy and didn't do it :P. This was the first time I tried using tape for stripes, and I like the outcome, even though I need to work on getting the tape to stick better on the sides of my nails; the sides ended up really messy!

I am pretty pleased with the end result of my Pirate nails! Though I'm afraid people might think that they're more punk-goth-tween-girl-y rather than pirate-y. Ugh. I hope not.

Little thing to smile for today: random nail art designs!! :D
<3 Ruthe

(P.S. Do you think I should be more detailed when describing the nail art steps? Would it be more helpful if I explained the steps like a tutorial?)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Maybelline Mystery Red...

After the crackle disaster, I wanted to go back to something simple and classic, so I went with red. I always think red is an underrated nail color. People always say it's really old-school and boring, but I think red is always beautiful, classic, and elegant.

The red I chose was a Maybelline Express Finish polish that I got way back when, and the sticker with the name has fallen off ages ago, so I wasn't sure what the name of this polish is. I remembered it being something like Hawaii Red, but I Googled it and couldn't find anything. This is a long shot, but if someone randomly happens knows the color of this polish, please be a darling and let me know! :)

Lately, my pictures, including these, have been really bad, sorry. They really haven't been representing each polish well.

Maybelline ___ Red is a basic medium-dark blue-based red with shimmer. It's less warm than shown in the pictures. Like all Maybelline Express Finish polishes, each coat went on really smooth. Opaque in two coats, but I did three because I thought the color would *pop* more. It didn't.

I'm a few days behind on my posting; I've added some nail art to this mani since taking the photos and I am SO loving it!! I'll be putting up the post soon :D.

Little thing to smile for today: going back to the classics :)
<3 Ruthe

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat in Fractured Foil

I know crackle is the *NOW* trend, but I've actually realized that I really don't like it. I think I was initially interested in crackle polishes because they were so different than anything I'd ever seen (when the Covergirl Crackle Lacquers were all the rage in 2000, I was too young to be following nail polish trends, lol). Unfortunately after buying all my crackles and only using them only once or twice (or some, not at all), I've realized that crackle isn't for me. Whenever I have crackle on, I always think my nails look like 1) they have old, dried, scratched paint on them, 2) my polish is chipping off, or 3) I scratched a wall after doing my nails. For some reason, I still like seeing crackle on blogs (they just look so much better on the computer screen :P) but in real life, crackle polishes just annoy me. Obviously, I'm not going to attack anyone with crackle nail polish on, lol, I'm just not going to wear crackles that often if at all. I'll probably only wear them in the future to hide chipped nails, which brings us FINALLY to the point of this post; my Hot Tamale mani was starting to chip after wearing it for a few days, so I thought I would hide it by putting a crackle polish over it:

Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat in Fractured Foil is a silver crackle. To get it at least opaque-ish, you have to do really thick coats. I actually dipped the brush into the bottle twice for each nail; you can still see the thinner areas where the coat wasn't thick enough. I'm not sure if all Sally Hansen crackles are as thin as Fractured Foil (I only got one, thankfully) or if the sheerness is due to the fact that it's a shimmer crackle polish.

Compared to my China Glaze crackles, this Sally Hansen crackle was really disappointing . Not only was the Sally Hansen crackle more expensive than the China Glaze crackles, it doesn't *crack* as well (look how well the China Glaze crackle really separated, even when applied badly). When I first swatched Fractured Foil after getting it, it separated really inadequately (sort of like on the pinky nail) and I applied the polish normally instead of super-thickly so the silver wasn't obvious. Even now, after I got the application down (for the most part), the Sally Hansen crackle still doesn't separate that well or look that cool.

In my opinion, skip the Sally Hansen crackles. They really, really aren't worth the high price tag, especially when you can get a China Glaze crackle for less and even get an OPI Shatter for just a few dollars more. Or you can just skip crackle polishes all together. That's what I'm gonna do.

And in the meantime, I'm going to get the nail polish remover...

Little thing to smile for today: picking a new nail color :)
<3 Ruthe

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Pure Ice Hot Tamale

When it's summer, I just love busting out the bright colors!! Recently, I've been wearing a lot of bright, tropical-y colors, specifically lime green, chartreuse green, coral, cerulean, and turquoise. So of course I decided to make my nails as bright and as tropical as my clothes with Pure Ice Hot Tamale:

These pictures, to put it simply, are really inaccurate. In real life, this polish is way less red-leaning, way more shimmery, and not as neon-bright. Plus, the finish was glossy, not weirdly satiny-looking like in the pictures.

Pure Ice Hot Tamale (love that name!) is a bright medium orange with orange and gold shimmer. Unfortunately, the pretty gold shimmer doesn't show up on the nail :(. You can sort of see the gold in the pictures; look near the sides of the bottle. In real life, the gold is more obvious. Like I said, Hot Tamale is much less red-leaning than shown in the pictures; in real life, it's a pretty straight-forward orange with just a touch of red. Opaque in two smooth coats.

I still don't love how oranges look on me. This orange, specifically, made me look super tan. I'm already quite dark from summer because I tan so easily; I don't need to look any tanner! (Just wanted to point out that unlike most California girls out there, I don't love looking super tan; I prefer being paler.) Nevertheless, I loved the brightness of Hot Tamale! It totally screamed summer; plus it matched the decor of a local frozen yogurt place I went to yesterday :P.

Little thing to smile for today: bright tropical colors! :D
<3 Ruthe

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Confetti Purple Reigns

Again, I have been drawn to purple. I am such a hypocrite, though this time I'm not disliking the color...yet:

Confetti Purple Reigns is a medium-dark red-leaning plum creme. However, the color changes in certain lights. Sometimes it looks like a flat raisin shade (ew); other times it even looks like a vampy wine. I guess you could say it becomes more red-leaning in non-outdoor light. I like this polish the most when it looks like it does in the pictures: a shiny, juicy plum purple. The polish was really pigmented; easily opaque in two coats, though you could probably get away with one careful, thick coat.

I totally did not expect to like this color as much as I do. Don't get me wrong; I don't love it, but I'm not completely bored of it or disliking it as much as I usually would a purple by now. Maybe I should just look into wearing purple cremes; I think it's the ridiculous glossiness that's making me like this polish...

Little thing to smile for today: super glossy nails!! :D
<3 Ruthe

Saturday, July 9, 2011

All That Glitters is Gold

Or not...I think the saying is actually "All that glitters is not gold." But do you remember that lyric from that song in Shrek (the first one) from a long time ago?? I think its "All Star" by Smash Mouth or something...anyways.

Because I got tip wear/chipping on my blue mani (that I am STILL in love with ;D), I decided to cover it up with some glitter. Gradient glitter, that is:

As always, click on the pictures to enlarge.
I could NOT for the life of me capture the awesome effect of this mani! My camera kept making it look tacky, not to mention the annoying reflection I kept getting, ugh.

Covergirl Gold Rush is a strongly yellow-leaning gold glitter. It's not very dense, but it's definitely not sparse either.

To get the gradient glitter look, I first put a glob of glitter polish on the tip of the nail. Then, still using the nail polish brush (not a separate brush, just the brush in the bottle), I spread the glitter up the nail a bit. After that, I used a separate, clean nail art brush to spread the glitter up even more. Because Gold Rush isn't a super dense glitter, I went over the tip area about five or six times to get opacity.

I totally love this look! I smile whenever I look at my bright and blingy nails, lol! Having glitter just at the tips of my nails makes me feel really special and gives me more confidence, weirdly. What can I say, awesome manicures are therapeutic! :D

Little thing to smile for today: nail-tip bling!! :D
<3 Ruthe

(P.S. Here is the song I was talking about!!

Remember now?)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sephora by OPI Caribbean Cocktail

I needed something blue. Something sparkly. Something glorious. Enter, Sephora by OPI Caribbean Cocktail:

Sephora by OPI Caribbean Cocktail is a bright medium blue packed with blue and silver shimmer, giving it an awesome foil finish. The color turned out more aqua on the nail than in the bottle; I'm not complaining, but I know some people may not like this. In real life, the bottle color isn't as aqua; it's cooler, almost like a sky blue. Nevertheless, I am in LURVE with this color!! I'm absolutely obsessed with it! This polish went on smooth and easy. I did two coats, but I did each coat super thick to avoid bald spots. Obviously, thick coats didn't work out that great (ignore the messed up middle finger), so I would definitely recommend doing three, thinner coats. And probably as a result of the thick coats, my nails started chipping on the first day. *Cry*.

As much as I love this color, I'm not a big fan of Sephora by OPI polishes (commonly called $OPI because they cost more than normal OPI polishes). The first problem I have with $OPI is the brush. It's long and skinny and doesn't spread the polish well. With Caribbean Cocktail, I think the brush was the main cause of bald spots. I've heard that normal OPI brushes/caps fit into $OPI bottles, so I guess that can solve the problem. Unfortunately, I don't have spare OPI brushes at the moment :(. The second problem is that, as I mentioned before, $OPI polishes cost more than normal OPI polishes. In my opinion, there is nothing special about $OPI polishes that earns them the right to a higher price tag. Of course, there's a bunch of gorgeous colors, but normal OPI polishes have a super wide range of colors as well. The $OPI formula isn't significantly better (if at all), and the brush is actually worse. I realize that the higher price tag is due to business/profits between Sephora and OPI, but still. I try not to buy $OPI polishes that often, unless I encounter an irresistable color. Like Caribbean Cocktail ;).

Little thing to smile for today: bright blue flashy nails!! :D
<3 Ruthe