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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Pure Ice Hot Tamale

When it's summer, I just love busting out the bright colors!! Recently, I've been wearing a lot of bright, tropical-y colors, specifically lime green, chartreuse green, coral, cerulean, and turquoise. So of course I decided to make my nails as bright and as tropical as my clothes with Pure Ice Hot Tamale:

These pictures, to put it simply, are really inaccurate. In real life, this polish is way less red-leaning, way more shimmery, and not as neon-bright. Plus, the finish was glossy, not weirdly satiny-looking like in the pictures.

Pure Ice Hot Tamale (love that name!) is a bright medium orange with orange and gold shimmer. Unfortunately, the pretty gold shimmer doesn't show up on the nail :(. You can sort of see the gold in the pictures; look near the sides of the bottle. In real life, the gold is more obvious. Like I said, Hot Tamale is much less red-leaning than shown in the pictures; in real life, it's a pretty straight-forward orange with just a touch of red. Opaque in two smooth coats.

I still don't love how oranges look on me. This orange, specifically, made me look super tan. I'm already quite dark from summer because I tan so easily; I don't need to look any tanner! (Just wanted to point out that unlike most California girls out there, I don't love looking super tan; I prefer being paler.) Nevertheless, I loved the brightness of Hot Tamale! It totally screamed summer; plus it matched the decor of a local frozen yogurt place I went to yesterday :P.

Little thing to smile for today: bright tropical colors! :D
<3 Ruthe


  1. Hi Ruthe!

    I think tropical colors totally suit your personality. To me, you're bright and happy and warm and friendly. :) Great color choice.


  2. @SwatchAndLearn
    Awww thanks a bunch, Fiona!! You totally made my day, scratch that, my WEEK with that! And only equally bright, happy, warm, friendly people can give such great compliments. :D