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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Revlon Gold Coin

After this post, I will be on a short hiatus. Tomorrow, I'm heading to Santa Barbara with my friend for about a week and a half. I'm not sure if I'll have computer/internet access, so I can't really predict whether or not I'll put up any posts while I'm there. I'll definitely take a lot of pictures and share them when I get back :). Maybe some swatch pictures on the beach...;).

In anticipation for the trip, I painted by nails metallic again! I used another Revlon Heavenly Metals polish (remember Copper Penny?), but this time it's gold:

And some sun pictures to show off the metallic reflectiveness:

These past few days I've been cleaning, washing, packing, and doing a bunch of other work around the house so I ended up getting a blister on my index fingers; thus, the virtual band-aid are back. Doing all this work has also taken its toll on my nails; they keep brekaing and chipping!! :(

Revlon Gold Coin is a metallic pale gold with gold and silver *reflective particles* (again, don't know what to call them...). It's a bit more gold and less silvery than shown in the pictures. This color reminded me of my Sally Hansen polish pen in Gold Chrome, but Gold Coin is less chrome and more awesome. This went on smooth and was opaque in two coats.

What I've noticed about Revlon's Heavenly Metals polishes that makes them unique is that the metallic finish isn't smooth like most metallics; you can actually see the shimmery, reflective particles in the nail polish that gives the *metallic-ness* a kick. And with both Heavenly Metals polishes that I've tried so far, there is silver mixed in with the other metallic color, whether it's gold or copper. I think the silver gives each polish a really unique feel. The only other Heavenly Metals polish that I have yet to try (it's just sitting there in my stash, waiting...;P) is Silver Dollar, which is pretty obviously a metallic silver.

I usually have gripes with Revlon polishes, but I am absolutely in love with their Heavenly Metals collection!! These metallic polishes are just SO reflective and metallic and AMAZING!! :D

Little thing to smile for today: metallic nails! :D
<3 Ruthe


  1. This looks really pretty, but I like Copper Penny on you more. I'm so jealous of your long nail beds - your nails look great with any color!

    And I'm so jealous you're taking a vacay. I need one!!!


  2. @SwatchAndLearn
    Thanks Fiona! I agree, I prefer Copper Penny as well. And wow, you always flatter me with your compliments ;)! I'm jealous of your skin tone; every color you've swatched looks great on you! So far, I haven't seen anything that's clashed with your skin!

    And I hope you can take a vacation soon! Defy your evil boss!! ;D

  3. Welcome back! How was the vacation? :)


  4. @SwatchAndLearn
    Thanks! It was great; I mostly just hung out on the beach and did a lot of shopping, but it was really relaxing. Surprisingly, though, I'm really glad to be back home. I feel like I've returned to the world, lol! :)